A Partners HealthCare eVisit, previously called an MGH Virtual Visit, is a set of clinical questions from your doctor that you answer on a secure website. Your doctor then reviews your answers and determines the next course of action.

Please note that Partners eVisits are for follow-up care and not for urgent care or immediate medical needs. If you are having a medical emergency, please contact your doctor or call 911 immediately.

Learn more at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Participating Clinics

The following clinics participate in Partners eVisits:

If you and your physician decide that an eVisit is a good option for you, the office staff will register you. Your physician selects a future date for your eVisit based on your condition and treatment plan.

Contact Us

If your Partners eVisit is at one of the following clinics, please contact the corresponding representative:

MGH Crohn's and Colitis Center
Melissa Cohen
P: (617) 724-3238

NSPG Danvers North Primary Care
Kelly Fanning
P: (978) 646-2100

NSPG Endocrinology
Dr. Copeland
Jennifer Dimauro
P: (781) 593-3400

Dr. Rosenquist
Jacquelyn Sullivan
P: (978) 882-6700

Dr. Singh
Janet Calcagno
P: (781) 593-3400

NSPG Pulmonary
Beth Lubas
P: (978) 745-4489

North Shore Cardiovascular Associates
Dr. David Rabin
Liz Avila
P: (978) 744-5900

For all other clinics or general questions, our staff is here to help:

Eirian Siegal-Botti
Partners eVisits
P: (617) 724-2242